Willkommen bei Sportfisio, einer non-profit Organisation, welche diplomierte Physiotherapeuten mit einer Spezialisation und/oder Tätigkeit in der Sportphysiotherapie umfasst.

24 Nov 2017


special guests:

Jill Cook and Ebonie Rio (Latrobe University, Melbourne)

Craig Purdam (Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra)

Issue Nr.2

Basketball !

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New online SSPA magazine!
First issue in German.
Interview (in English) with Havard Moksnes!
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November 18, 2016
BernExpo, Bern


Keynote speaker: BRYAN HEIDERSCHEIT, PT, PhD

University of Wisconsin, Madison,WI, USA
Dept. of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Director, UW Runner’s Clinic
Director , Badger Athletic Performance Research
Co-Director, UW Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab

700 sports PTs
40 countries represented
25 international speakers
3 official partners: Swiss Sports PT, BJSM, IFSPT
1st World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy !

Official hashtag of the RTP 2015
1st World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy

Sportfisio guest editor of Nr.2 der “SGSM Zeitschrift”,
in cooperation with the Swiss Sports Medicine Society.

In cooperation with ACPSEM (UK sports PT association) and Phil Glasgow,
SSPA is on the covers of the two BJSM March issues 2015 !

Joining forces to promote the World Congress of Sports PT in Bern this year.

As a warm up for RTP2015 …

in cooperation with ZHAW
“Return to Sport” Symposium
April 9, 2015, Winterthur

also with Dr.N.Phillips, IFSPT President

info and registration here