New for this year: up to 700 seats available!
Neu für diese Jahr: bis zu 700 Plätze zur Verfügung!
Nouveau pour cette année: plus de 700 places disponibles!
Nuovo per quest’anno: più di 700 posti disponibili!


April 2017 – Volume 51 – 7

FREE warm up by Mario Bizzini

24 Nov 2017


special guests:

Jill Cook and Ebonie Rio (Latrobe University, Melbourne)

Craig Purdam (Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra)

Issue Nr.2

Basketball !

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New online SSPA magazine!
First issue in German.
Interview (in English) with Havard Moksnes!
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November 18, 2016
BernExpo, Bern


Keynote speaker: BRYAN HEIDERSCHEIT, PT, PhD

University of Wisconsin, Madison,WI, USA
Dept. of Orthopedics and Rehabilitation
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Director, UW Runner’s Clinic
Director , Badger Athletic Performance Research
Co-Director, UW Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab

700 sports PTs
40 countries represented
25 international speakers
3 official partners: Swiss Sports PT, BJSM, IFSPT
1st World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy !

Official hashtag of the RTP 2015
1st World Congress of Sports Physical Therapy

Sportfisio guest editor of Nr.2 der “SGSM Zeitschrift”,
in cooperation with the Swiss Sports Medicine Society.